About Us

Delivery Schedule

San Francisco – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Outside of San Francisco – Tuesday, Thursday

**Orders need to be placed by 3:00PM, one day in advance of your desired delivery date.

E-commerce FAQ

How do I order?
First, create an account with us by filling out the new customer account form. Please wait for a response from one of our Account Managers with your new Username and Password.

 Why are my prices higher then when I ordered before?

These are general prices we give to all our customers, our dedicated Account Managers familiar with your account will apply your discount after we have received your order.

 What if I forget my password?

Simply click on the “Forgot your password?” link below the login screen and fill out the form. You will receive an email with your password in it.

 Why do I get the error message when I try to log in?

Our system can only handle so many transactions at any one moment. Please keep checking back to fulfill your order.

 How can I make the ordering process faster?

If you are a first time user, it may be easier to have one of our dedicated Account Managers help you walk through this.

The Saved Shopping list is a great option to have for ordering different season’s, locations, etc.

The Order Pad keeps All of your histories from previously ordered products.

 How can I be sure an item is in stock?

A out of stock product will be displayed “Out of Stock”. Otherwise it is available.

 Can I make changes to my order after I have submitted my order?

This can not be done after the order is submitted. Please refill the order with the changes and add a note for our e-commerce team.

 Can I call my Account Manager to make changes to my order?

Yes, calling during our business hours is still the quickest way to reach us.

 Why is the tax not included in my order?

Our system does this to calculate shipping costs, please look for the total price, including taxes, in your confirmation e-mail.

 How do I know my order has been received by Forest?

An email containing your order is sent to the account associated with that email address.

Our Account Managers will start processing new orders during business hours.

 How do I know my order is being processed?

Our Account Managers will fulfill the order and let our customers know with an email confirming the delivery date.

 How can I view my invoice?

Once the delivery date is confirmed, upon delivery and signing our invoice, we will also provide a physical copy to you.

Your invoices are always available to view and print on our website after you sign in.

 What is your delivery schedule?

We are open daily from Monday to Friday at 8 AM – 5:30 PM.

 Where do you guys deliver?

We deliver throughout the Greater Bay Area. We have existing clients all the way up to Vallejo and customers all the way down to San Jose, and we typically cover all the areas in between. Our typical delivery routes are:

  • San Francisco – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Outside SF – Tuesday, and Thursday

What is the minimum order?

We offer FREE delivery on orders over $200. For orders below $200, there will be a delivery charge.

When will my orders be delivered?

Orders for next day delivery should be placed by 3 PM the previous day. We will be following our typical delivery routes, which are:

  • San Francisco – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Outside SF – Tuesday and Thursday

If you are located in San Francisco, and want your delivery for Wednesday, you should put in your order before 3 PM on Tuesday.

What is your policy regarding returns, exchanges and refunds?

We offer returns on most items within 14 days of purchase in appropriate circumstances. Please coordinate return pick up with your dedicated account manager.

What if I have missing item(s) from my order?

Please contact our dedicated Account Managers at your earliest convenience.

Will my whole order come in one shipment?
Yes. Unless your Account Manager has reviewed with you otherwise and agreed on a different arrangement